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GR8 Designs specialise in custom designs, research and development and can work from the concept idea to the finished product. 
The team at GR8 Designs can - 
  • consult with clients to understand what they really want in their design. e.g. chain rings for a track bike or drain grate for your home or business.
  • create a wide range of custom design products. e.g. BBQ bench tops to suit new or existing spaces, decorative landscape screens, bath tapware or air-conditioning housings to name a few.
  • create computerised drafting- SolidWorks, 3d drawings to produce .dwg or .dxf files for manufacture (e.g. laser or water jet cutting.
About GR8 Designs
GR8 Designs was founded by David Haase who has over 30 years experience and sound knowledge in petrochemical industry, plastics industry, stainless steel fabrication and waste management.  GR8 Designs was established due to the growing need in the market for custom design products, e.g. decorative steel screens for outdoor patios, drain gates for driveways and bicycle chain rings.
GR8 Designs team keep in regular contact with our suppliers to ensure competitive pricing, quality products and prompt turnarounds for our clients.